my-LMS Learner Management System


Successful training organizations compete for funding dollars and learners. Winning in this competitive environment requires productive focus on organizational mission and goals. Since 1987, my-LMS has refined employment oriented learner management processes and systems to provide a productive and competitive training advantage.

Training organizations are challenged to balance HR intensive learner administration requirements with learners training needs. my-LMS reduces your learner administration burden and allows you to focus your HR talent on achieving successful learner outcomes.

my-LMS is fully scalable


  1. establishes training and funding benchmarks
  2. organizes relevant labour market data
  3. tracks candidate response to market campaigns
  4. assesses applicant qualifications
  5. sets learner employment plans to achieve learner goals & training and funding benchmarks
  6. confirms acceptable learner progress/attendance, employment
  7. manages post graduation follow-up support
  8. provides accurate learner tracking; and
  9. structures invoicing for all programs and services.